Day: March 24, 2022

Dominican Republic

Love Dominican Republic: All Inclusive Cheap Holiday

   The Dominican Republic’s blend of white-sand beaches and “gingerbread” Victorian architecture impresses visitors.  The Hispaniola Island Republic has 900 miles of Caribbean coastline, making it a beach lover’s dream. Please enable JavaScript E-Mail-Marketing-Services by Benchmark   Take a day excursion to Puerto Plata and ride the cable car up Mount Isabel de Torres, or […]

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Czech Karlovy Vary

Love Karlovy Vary: All Inclusive Cheap Holiday

   By the end of the 1500s, 200 spa houses had sprung in the Czech Republic’s most famous spa resort, Karlovy Vary – or Carlsbad.  The springs in this lovely, green, calm Tepla valley are supposed to heal a whole range of metabolic and gastrointestinal problems. Visitors continue to come to this town known for […]

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Italy Sesto

Love Sesto: All Inclusive Cheap Holiday

   Sexten/Sesto is a lovely town ensconced in the spectacular alpine landscape of the Sexten Dolomites.  The community provides a pristine environment and recreational activities for people of all ages and interests.  The Sexten Dolomites are particularly well-known and popular among alpinists since they contain the Dolomites’ and South Tyrol’s most notable peaks and via […]

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Mexico Tulum

Love Tulum: All Inclusive Cheap Holiday

  The Riviera Maya is at its most relaxed, surrounded by natural beauty and rich history. Tulum’s Mayan ruins loom over the sea. The once walled city was one of the Mayans’ last to be erected, and its archaeological sites are in excellent condition.  Visit El Castillo, the Temple of the Frescoes, and the Temple […]

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