New Berlin-Brussels sleeper train is ready to depart

Beginning in May 2023, European Sleeper will operate a night train between Berlin, Amsterdam, and Brussels. Tickets will go on sale starting on February 20 at a price of €49.

The aptly named “Good Night Train” will run between Brussels and Berlin via Amsterdam and Rotterdam, giving passengers the chance to experience three vibrant European capitals on a single overnight service. It is initially scheduled to begin operations in 2022.

Starting on May 25, you’ll be able to board the 15:04 train at London St. Pancras, have a quick beer in Brussels, and then doze off all the way to Berlin.

Prices from Brussels or Amsterdam to Berlin start at €49 for a seat (or €79 for a couchette, if you prefer). The service will initially run three times per week.

Prices from Brussels or Amsterdam to Berlin start at €49 for a seat (or €79 for a couchette, if you want a proper kip), and the service will initially run three times per week.

Free Wi-Fi, coffee, and breakfast are standard amenities across the board—things you wouldn’t find on a low-cost flight, to be sure.

The route will be extended by the company to Barcelona in 2025 as well as Dresden and Prague in 2024.

The company claims that the train “will significantly raise the standard of north-south rail connections in Europe.

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