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EU to accept vaccines from Russia and China

  The European Union’s plan to allow vaccinated people to travel again- with the “digital green certificate”-will leave the main decision-making power to member states, including whether to accept vaccines from Russia and China.  According to the plan released on Wednesday, any EU country that allows vaccinated persons to skip travel restrictions within EU borders […]

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Paris: Hospitals reduce non Covid-19 procedures

  As the number of coronavirus patients requiring intensive care may overwhelm the intensive care unit (ICU) network, hospitals in the Paris area have been ordered to cut routine surgical and medical procedures by 40%.    “This is a very stressful situation,” regional health chief Aurelien Rousseau told AFP on Monday. The region of Île-de-France, […]

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Spain: Birth rate drops sharply in 9 months of 2020

  The coronavirus pandemic is causing the birth rate in Spain to drop sharply. Between the beginning of December and the end of January, the number of births dropped by 22.6% from the same period last year.    Civil records show that in the last month of 2020 and the first month of 2021, 45,054 […]

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coronavirus Italy Veneto

Italy exceeds 100K coronavirus Deaths

  The Italian Ministry of Health said the number of COVID deaths in Italy exceeded 100,000 on Monday. According to the Ministry, in the past 24 hours, another 348 people have died and the number of casualties has risen to 100,103.    This is more than a year after the death of Italy’s first COVID-19, […]

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France forbids alcohol consumption in public spaces

  Paris police warned that outdoor drinking in the capital is banned this weekend in order to avoid the repetition of French Covid-19 regulations that have gathered crowds in public places in recent weeks.    At the weekend of last month, the authorities had banned outdoor drinking in some popular areas of the capital, and […]

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