Italy: Di Maio wrote to Cairo urging truth on Regeni Case

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio wrote to his Egyptian counterpart demanding the truth about the torture and murder of an Italian student Giulio Regeni in Egypt in 2016. 

The minister said that it is crucial for bilateral relations that the people responsible for killing Regeni should be brought to justice. He also expressed the hope that the meeting of Italian and Egyptian prosecutors working on this matter on July 1 could open “an important space for governments’ political initiative.”

 Regeni, a Cambridge‘s researcher, 28 years old, was found dead on February 3, 2016. A week after he disappeared in the Cairo subway. He was so tortured that his mother said she recognized him by the tip of his nose. 

Roman prosecutors initiated an investigation into the murder of five members of the Egyptian security apparatus, prompting Cairo to discontinue significant cooperation in the investigation into the death of a researcher born in Friuli. 

Egypt provided various explanations for the dead at various times, including car accidents, tiffs for gay lovers, and kidnappings and murders, which were accused of being erased after Regeni’s documents were implanted in their nests. 

Regeni is studying the Cairo street vendors union for British universities, which is a politically sensitive topic. The head of the street vendor union accused Regini of being a spy. 

Last Thursday, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte spoke to the Parliamentary Investigation Committee on Regeni’s death. After the government approved the sale of two Italian frigates to Egypt, the Committee asked Conte to participate in the hearing.

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