Lufthansa Expands Flight Service to Greece in 2021


Lufthansa, the largest airline in Germany and the second largest in Europe, has expanded its flight options to Greece in 2021. 


The airline announced that it will open more direct flights from Germany to 14 airports in Greece operated by Frankfurt Airport in Germany, most of which are located on the Greek islands. 

According to data, new flights to Greece operate three times a week, and this number may even increase further depending on customer demand. The new flight will start in April and will last until October.

At present, despite the many problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Greece is still the top destination for German tourists.

 According to reports, this is why Lufthansa decided to increase the number of flights to Mediterranean countries. 

German tourists are also an integral part of the Greek economy, as the 4 million German tourists who visited the country in 2019 brought about 3 billion euros (3.5 billion US dollars) in revenue to Greece. This is approximately 16.7% of Greece’s total tourism revenue that year. 


Officials in Greece’s most important sector hope that the increase in flights will bring in more tourists from Germany in 2021, which adds much-needed economic growth to industries that are struggling with Covid-19 this year.

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