Faro: artists opened studios to public


Between October 16th and October 18th, Faro’s designers, creators and artists opened the doors of their studios to the public to showcase their creative works throughout the city in a more intimate and convenient way.


”This year we invited 29 artists, but we only repeated half of them. The others are new,” the organizer of Open Studios Faro 2020 told Lusa News Agency. 

The organizer emphasized that there there was 16 spaces open within three days, and artists from different regions participated more in visual art activities, but have spaces for “performance notes, architecture, tattoos, photography, multimedia or sculpture”.

The purpose of the event was to open up spaces that are not normally open to the public, such as the old carpentry shop of the Faro Municipal Council, adjacent to the Municipal Museum, which will serve as the basis for the “Blindfold Conference-Dialogue” exhibition “Infinity” jointly developed by Filipe Paixão and Gustavo Jesus (Infinity). 


On the last day of the event, Sunday, October 18th, the artist Inês Barradas arranged for street intervention, with public participation, and a piece of canvas will be elaborately made, which “fuses pixel art with the elements of Arraiolos carpet”.

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