Malta’s national theatre reopens again after Covid


The National Theatre of Malta is reopening, and its plan is to receive smaller audiences and some awesome performances. Kenneth Zammit Tabona, the artistic director of the theater, tells more. In the long history, the Manuel Theater has experienced many storms. 


There is no doubt that Malta’s outstanding theatres have always been stronger than ever. Therefore, when the coronavirus hit, the theater and its staff squeezed down and made plans. Now, the much-loved and deeply missed theater is ready to welcome people back.

Safety is positioned at the forefront of the reopening of the Manoel Theater. The theater is designed to bring people together, but now we must ensure that people are different. The Manoel Theater team has risen to the challenge and established strict guidelines to protect the health and safety of theater audiences, performers and staff. 


Art director Kenneth Zammit Tabona said: “Although we keep the performance going by filming the performance, the magic of the live performance is unparalleled. “We are very happy to learn that after six Months of closing work, our beautiful and historic theater will rise like a phoenix. We are open to audiences who keep their distance from the world and take all precautions to ensure the safety of everyone. ” 



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