Switzerland : Night train connections to Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam and Rome

The Swiss Federal Transport Authority (SBB) has announced plans to expand night train connections to Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam and Rome. 


There are currently six routes, and the network will be expanded to ten routes connecting Switzerland with major destinations in the Netherlands, Spain and Italy. It is the largest night train network in Europe and is called “Night Flight”. It currently serves 11 destinations across the African continent: Berlin, Zagreb, Vienna, Ljubljana, Hamburg, Budapest, Hanover, Graz, Prague, Linz and Potsdam.

The expansion plan is a joint effort between SBB and the Austrian Federal Railway Agency (ÖBB). The first expansion will begin in 2021 and will connect Zurich, Basel, Frankfurt, Cologne and Amsterdam. From 2023, Leipzig and Dresden will be added to the connection between Berlin and Prague. 

The plan is scheduled to be completed in 2024. The expansion will also involve the construction of new trains. ÖBB CEO Andreas Matt (Andreas Matthä) said in a press release: “We are investing in the development of new trains and will use 13 of the latest generation of Nightjet aircraft by the end of 2022.”

The funding for the expansion came from the Swiss Climate Fund, and the parliament approved the expansion in early September. SBB emphasizes the environmental benefits of night trains compared to other modes of transportation.

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