Portimão music artists invited to perform live concerts


The Portimão Council invites local bands and music artists from Portimão to perform live concerts at the Tempo Municipal Theater.


 For the next four months, the performance will be broadcast online on the social media pages of the local council on weekends. 


The council said in a press release that it will pay 500 euros and 1,000 euros for individual artists or bands for each concert. 


The plan is divided into two projects-“Portimão, Dá-te Palco” and “Palcoéo Teu”. 


The first concert will perform more than 20 local music performances at the request of the local council. The first concert will be held on November 22. 


At the same time, the second is to give other artists and bands an opportunity to apply for performance opportunities. 


The form will be open to artists on December 11 (Portimão celebrates its municipal holiday). According to the local council, the goal of the plan is to “promote and support local musicians.”

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