Vienna: Manner Schnitten celebrates a special anniversary

The legendary Viennese confectioner celebrates a special anniversary in 2020: Manner Schnitten has been producing its popular snacks for 130 years. 


With a unique pink packaging, Manner wafers are well-known worldwide. The sweetness of chocolate and hazelnuts spread in the 17th district, where Manner has been making exquisite candies since 1890. 


Its most successful product is Manner Schnitten: Originating from Naples in Vienna, these Neapolitan wafers filled with chocolate hazelnut cream continue to sweep the world. Today, they have a group of followers.

Each pack contains 10 wafers, and to pay tribute, we provide you with 10 surprising facts about Manner: The world eats two packs of Manner Schnitten every second on average. Or a respectable 72,000 per hour.


With a total length of 3,528 meters, it is 26 times taller than St. Stephen’s Cathedral. 


Manner Schnitten is one of Vienna’s most famous souvenirs. The Manner store on Stephen’s Square alone sells 4,000 bags a day. 


Although the classic hazelnut version will never change, Manner has introduced various other varieties over the years to suit different tastes-from raspberry to coffee. 


Currently, Manner wafers also offer lemon, coconut, vanilla and chocolate cream. But it is impossible to beat the original.



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