Covid-19: Portuguese restaurant owners evoke hopelessness

 The National Restaurants Industry Association PRO.VAR expressed the “despair” of the industry to the Premier’s “concessions” during Christmas and New Year, saying that not only did they not provide any help, they would also prompt many companies to close their doors completely. 


When talking to Rádio Renascença, PRO.VAR President Daniel Serra said that 20% of Portuguese restaurants have taken measures to close permanently or at least temporarily. 


He believes that this number will increase to the last 30%, and emphasized that the problem is that in any normal year, restaurants can be open for a few days, and in any normal year they will be closed. 


“This has caused great disgust. I have received many calls from business people who are dissatisfied with this because they cannot be open at any time-during periods when restaurants are traditionally closed (such as Christmas Eve and Christmas Day).” 


He added that the financial crisis caused by Covid restrictions “is turning into a mental health problem for many restaurant owners.” They “take government measures in despair.” 


Mr. Serra added that his association is not at all optimistic about the new plan to “support” restaurants proposed by Restaurant Minister Pedro Siza Vieira next week. 





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