Greece: virtual parties for Ouzo lovers during Covid-19

Drinking ouzo with a group of friends, gathering on the table which is full of delicious quiches or side dishes, sharing the latest news is a typical Greek experience. 


However, the country’s nationwide blockade has forced the Greeks to reimagine these social gatherings. 

Shortly before Greece was blocked, and after bars and restaurants were closed, Haris Bekris, an ouzo collector from the island of Syros, thought of organizing virtual gatherings so that ouzo lovers could drink the iconic Greek aperitif. 


Traditionally, people go out to visit local taverns or ouzo bars on Sunday afternoons to meet with the community and have lively discussions. 


Therefore, Bekris recommends holding a virtual meeting at 1 p.m. every Sunday afternoon, starting on December 6 and ending when the country’s ban is lifted. 


According to Bekris, unlike other beverages, Ouzo should be enjoyed in groups: “Ouzo is different from other European spirits, you can’t drink it yourself. You need to drink in a small group, which is why we started these virtual meetings and can do The reason for the conversation for about an hour,” he said to AMNA.

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