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Germany sustains EU’s proposal to restrict COVID-19 vaccines


The German Minister of Health supports the EU‘s proposal to restrict the COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday because AstraZeneca and Pfizer suddenly experienced tensions in short supply just one month after the group started vaccinating citizens. 


Frustrated by the delivery delay of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine and other supply issues, the EU proposed to establish a vaccine export register. Health Minister Jens Spahn told ZDF TV: “I know there is a production problem, but it must affect everyone in the same way.” 


He said: “This is not about Europe first, but about Europe’s fair share.” Therefore, it makes sense to impose restrictions on vaccine exports.


 In addition, the minister’s spokesperson, together with AstraZeneca, rejected two German newspapers’ reports that the British drugmaker’s COVID-19 vaccine was less effective for the elderly. 


Spann said he expects European authorities to approve a third vaccine against COVID-19 on Friday.

Covid-19 Portugal Social issues

Covid: Portugal has 90.3 cases per 100K inhabitants

  According to a joint announcement by the General Administration of Health (DGS) and INSA, Portugal has 90.3 SARS-CoV-2 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, and its transmission index (Rt) is 0.84.    As stated by official data, the incidence rate was 79.1 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, and the Rt was 0.80 when analyzed in mainland Portugal […]

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COVID19 Europe Italy Social issues

Italy reaches highest COVID-19 levels in several months

  Covid-19 cases in Italy reached their highest level in several months this week due to manufacturing problems that caused vaccines to be shipped to Italy at a slower rate than expected, forcing certain areas to return to confinement to prevent the worst-hit countries in the world to break out again.  Italian officials blamed this […]

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Austria COVID19 Politics Vienna

Vienna: Thousands protest against coronavirus restrictions

  The police said thousands of people took part in the latest protests against coronavirus restrictions in Vienna on Saturday and were arrested for violating the Public Order Act and Covid’s regulations.    Many protesters did not wear masks and did not observe social distancing when they reached the park through the center of the […]

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