Greece: COVID-19 mass vaccinations to begin Jan 20

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Tuesday that the general population will be vaccinated against the coronavirus from January 20-starting from those 85 years of age or older. 


He said at a meeting hosted by the headquarters of the Civil Defense Secretariat that the online platform for electronic vaccination appointments will be opened to the public on January 11. Mitsotakis added: “All citizens must register for paperless electronic prescriptions because this will enable them to receive electronic notifications about appointments.” 


He pointed out that currently about 5,000 citizens are receiving vaccination every day, “If this level is maintained, it will help ensure that the vaccination schedule is successfully met.” 


As of Tuesday evening, approximately 16,365 Greek citizens have been vaccinated, and the current stock of coronavirus vaccines is 150,850 doses. On Monday, the Greek authorities announced that by the end of January, vaccination will reach at least 220,000 citizens.

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