Greece: Covid-19 vaccination certificate not needed


Greek Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis on Thursday ruled out the need for travelers who wish to visit Greece this summer to obtain a certificate of Covid-19 vaccination. 

Theoharis is referring to a proposal submitted by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to the European Commission this week that requires an EU-wide vaccination certificate, which he said will help travel. EU leaders are expected to discuss this issue in a conference call on January 21. 


He said on SKAI TV on Thursday: “Under any circumstances, the vaccination certificate will not be a condition for someone to travel to our country.” 

Theoharis explained that the Prime Minister’s proposal is intended to put this issue on the table because different policies have caused confusion among travelers. He went on to add that the goal is to reach an EU-wide agreement on a set of health and travel agreements that apply to the entire EU.

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