Greece: January forecast to be one of hottest in a half-century

The Meteorological Service of the National Observatory of Athens said on Friday that Greece is expected to experience its highest January temperature in nearly 50 years. The temperature at this time of the year will be 15 degrees Celsius higher than normal. 


Only the temperature that occurred on January 29, 1987 (more than 25 C in southern Greece and 22.6 C in Athens) and January 1, 2010 can match it-this is the hottest temperature ever recorded since the measurement began in the 19th century, reaching as high as 30.4C on Crete. 


Greece is expected to become one of the central and eastern Mediterranean regions, and the weather will be unusually warm in the coming weekend. 


Warm weather will be part of the pattern of extreme weather phenomena, which will separate Europe from January 9 to 10, as cold air masses spread to the unusually low latitudes of Western Europe and Northwest Africa, sending very hot air masses eastward to Greece.


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