Greece: Stricter lockdown restrictions in Athens


The Greek authorities said they will impose stricter lockdown restrictions on the Greater Athens area after the decline in the infection rate in January this week reversed.


 Most retail stores will reopen on January 18 and will be closed in the capital on Saturday, leaving only the pick-up service. 


Officials from the Greek Ministry of Health and the Civil Protection Agency said the plan to reopen the Athens High School on Monday is limited to the third grade, while older students will continue to take classes online. 


Additional restrictions will also take effect on Lesbos in the eastern Aegean Sea and 10 municipal areas around Greece. As a result of the surge in cases, Greece adopted lockdown measures in early November-eventually including a nationwide curfew and the closure of schools and shops. 


According to figures released on Friday, Greece has a population of 10.5 million, has recorded approximately 15,000 confirmed COVID-19 infections and 5,764 deaths.

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