Ibiza optimistic about UK tourism in the summer

IbizaTourism Director Alejandro Sancho said that the new measures implemented in the UK are “wise and logical”. 


According to Sancho, these actions can speed up the improvement of health conditions and make tourism activities resume faster . 


The optimistic Sancho affirmed that if the UK is now confined to a certain range, “and it is effective in vaccination, then they will be able to travel in the summer, which will be a good thing for Ibiza.” 


However, he expressed doubts about the improvement of time in Spain because “some autonomous communities did not manage the situation in the most correct way” and “the vaccination system is not the most effective”. 



He said that Spain seems unlikely to “reach the expected percentage in the summer at our current rate.” Sancho believes that April will be a fair goal “to everyone in the tourism sector.”

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