Italy: Small town offers homes for only 1 euro


Biccari, located deep in the southeastern part of Puglia, is also selling dilapidated houses for 1 euro, but unlike other destinations, it also has bargains in readily available locations. 


The price of an empty turnkey home is as low as €7,500 ($9,000). Most are between 10,000 Euros and 13,000 Euros. 


The sale is part of Mayor Gianfilippo Mignogna’s mission to rescue his sick hometown from the grave after many years of people have left to seek work in Italian cities or abroad (mainly to the United States). The slow outflow caused losses to the peak of 5,000 in the 1950s.


He told CNN: “We only have 2,000 residents.” “Depopulation is an open wound and a stable phenomenon. The locals keep leaving. Although most people visit here in the summer, they don’t Do this again. Many habitable houses are empty and forgotten.” He said he now wants to restore the building they left behind. 





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