Lonely Planet lists Greece as ”Best Travel 2021″


Greece has been named the “Best Travel 2021” list by “Lonely Planet”. “Nothing is more authentic than the large amount of filoxenia (hospitality) provided to everyone and everyone; this is the way of life of the Greeks, embedded in their DNA, even across the country.”President and Chief Executive Officer Officer Luis Cabrera said.


”We decided to make this year’s best way to travel unique by commending places and people who have a real commitment to sustainability, community and diversity. This is just the beginning. We salute all the winners!” Cabrera added. 


The focus of the sustainable development category includes Greece (the number one food destination) and Palau Island. With its organic produce market and island seafood, Greece has inadvertently become the world’s most sustainable food leader. 


Lonely Planet pointed out: “Greece is not known globally for implementing formal measures around sustainable practices, but informally speaking, Greeks have been environmentally friendly for hundreds of years.”

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