Portugal: A forgettable year for Algarve’s tourism


In 2020, whether it is occupancy rate or economic and business performance, the Algarve has recorded the worst year in the tourism industry. 



Due to the decline in the main external market demand (-75.1%), the turnover in 2020 has dropped by more than 800 million euros (-65.1%). Although the domestic market has increased summer demand, the number of overnight stays dropped by 1.1 million. 335,000 guests (-21.2%). 


According to data provided by AHETA (Algarve Hotel Association), by 2020, the average overall occupancy rate will reach 27.7%, which is equivalent to 8.7 million overnight stays, which is the worst record ever. 


It should be remembered that the average occupancy rate in the Algarve in 2019 was 63.2%, or more than 24 million overnight stays.

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