Portugal: Harsh criticism for UK’s decision to suspend flights


Portuguese Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva  stated on January 15 that the British decision to suspend flights with Portugal was “ridiculous” and “illogical”, which was a “sudden and unexpected. 


He said he did not know the reason : ”We believe that this is illogical. First of all, this is a sudden and unexpected measure, which is the first element of a negative surprise. Second, it is a severe blow to people who have not been properly warned.” The decision was announced at 5 pm one day and took effect at 4 am the next day. “


The head of Portuguese foreign affairs added: “This is also a ridiculous measure, and we don’t know its basis. Based on the connection between Portugal and Brazil, the suspension of flights from Portugal is completely ridiculous.” 


He also said that he has asked his British counterparts to have a dialogue to “understand” the basis of the decision.

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