Spain: Valencia’s dining establishments to close for 14 days


The Regional Council of Valencia stated that starting from Thursday, all dining establishments must be closed for 14 days. 


According to El Pais, all restaurants will still be allowed to provide takeaway food, and the hotel’s cafeterias will continue to serve guests. Sports facilities are only open to professionals during this period. 


 In addition, the retail store’s business hours will end at 6 pm, although the schedule will not affect supermarkets, pharmacies and other businesses deemed essential. 


But bingo halls, gaming halls, entertainment venues for the elderly, youth centers and other social venues were forced to close completely for 14 days. 


Theaters and cinemas may remain open, but the capacity is limited. This measure is the latest measure recently announced in the region. 


Some Covid-19 patients in the region have been transferred to field hospitals because medical institutions are struggling to deal with a large number of infections.

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