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World Bank: Slum children in Bangladesh to receive skills and education


The government of Bangladesh today signed a US$6.5 million financing agreement with the World Bank to enable approximately 39,000 slum children to receive primary education and to provide pre-employment training for 8,500 dropout youths in Cox’s Bazar. 


This additional funding for the “Second Out-of-School Children” program (ROSC II) will support poor children aged 8 to 14 in 8 city companies to complete the primary education cycle. This will also help disadvantaged local youth and teenagers in Cox’s Bazar who are out of school complete a three-month pre-employment and corporate development training course. 


Mercy Tembon, Director of the World Bank Bangladesh and the National Bank of Bhutan, said: “This epidemic has severely affected the education of children from poor families. The additional funding will help slum children and vulnerable young people to lay the foundation for better opportunities. .” 


The government of Bangladesh is committed to ensuring education for all. Today, almost all children in Bangladesh are enrolled in school. “Fatima Yasmin, Secretary of the Department of Economic Relations of the Government of Bangladesh, said. 


Approximately 690,000 children were studied in the learning center called Ananda School, almost half of them were girls. The project established about 1,300 learning centers in the slums of eight city companies, including Dhaka, and enrolled about 48,000 children. 


At Ananda Schools, there is only one class teacher who teaches students until they are ready to take the 5th grade exam, so that poor children can go to middle school.

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Covid: Portugal has 90.3 cases per 100K inhabitants

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