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European Space Agency to recruit new astronauts for the moon


ESA will launch a campaign next week to recruit astronauts from member states, for a new mission to the moon according to the European Space Agency. Detailed information on recruitment conditions will be provided on the 16th (Tuesday), with application dates from March 31 to May 28. 


According to the information released by ESA, the selection process will be divided into six stages and should be completed in October. ESA has also launched a pilot project and is expected to select an astronaut, “the first astronaut with a certain degree of disability.” 


The pilot astronaut program will provide an opportunity to “enter a part of the society that has been excluded from space flight so far” to engage in the career of an astronaut, adding that this is the first time in history that the space agency has launched Space mission. Such a huge inclusive project. Astronaut recruitment activities are part of ESA’s more comprehensive strategy, which aims to show the organization “a large number of job opportunities.” 


The goal is to recruit approximately 100 employees per year in the next 10 years. ESA also revealed that it expects to attract more women this year, which shows that a total of 1,413 candidates were accepted by 1,430 in 2009. 


The organization’s statement quoted the opinion of David Parker, director of the Human and Robot Exploration Department, who believes that ESA’s diversity should not only address the origin, age, experience or gender of astronauts, but “maybe also include physical Disability”.

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Covid: Portugal has 90.3 cases per 100K inhabitants

  According to a joint announcement by the General Administration of Health (DGS) and INSA, Portugal has 90.3 SARS-CoV-2 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, and its transmission index (Rt) is 0.84.    As stated by official data, the incidence rate was 79.1 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, and the Rt was 0.80 when analyzed in mainland Portugal […]

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Is it true that Greeks invented Pizza before Italians?

  Historical evidence shows that the Greeks ate a flat bread called πλακούς (plakous), or “flat” bread, topped with olive oil, herbs, onions, cheese, and garlic, and baked in a tandoor.    Greek pizza adapted by the Romans who naturally adopted the idea of baking speckled bread in the oven after putting the ingredients of […]

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