Greece welcomes British tourists without vaccine


Greek Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis told ITV News that once approved by the health department, all British tourists who have received vaccination or PCR test negative this summer will be welcomed by Greece


The Greek minister said that British travelers who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 will be able to enjoy a quarantine-free holiday in the country this summer. “All Britons, regardless of whether they have received the Covid-19 vaccination or not, will be able to spend their summer vacation in Greece. For those who have already been vaccinated and obtained relevant certificates, there is no need to go through the isolation period before the flight or conduct Covid-19 vaccination.”

In addition, he added that negotiations between the British and Greek governments are in progress on the issuance of vaccine passports to prove that tourists have been vaccinated. He said: “We think the vaccination plan, together with rapid testing and PCR testing, can change the rules of the game.”

Greece has established a vaccination certificate, which shows that someone has been vaccinated.

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