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Italy: Florence wants helmets mandatory for electric scooters


The mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, vowed to continue the “War of Common Sense”, after the Tuscan Administrative Tribunal (TAR) decided to revoke the city’s recent legislation to make helmets mandatory for electric scooters users. 


Nardella has issued an order, effective February 1st, that requires electric scooters in Florence to wear helmets, even though Italian highway regulations do not require helmets. 


The companies that manages the rental of electric scooters in Florence have appealed the legislation and the court approves of it. 


The mayor of Tuscany region’s capital went to social media to seek government intervention and emphasized the “multiple risks” involved, citing the tragedy of a 34-year-old Italian woman who was killed by a truck on an electric scooter in Genoa on February 8.

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