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Greece extends International and domestic travel restrictions to March 22


Taking into account the COVID-19 situation in other countries, the Greek authorities have decided to extend the flight restrictions for domestic flights to March 16, and the flight restrictions for international flights to March 22. only basic travel will be allowed from these countries. 


The decision has been announced by the Greek Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Citizens of third countries who wish to enter Greece will be banned from doing so because their countries are considered severely infected with the virus, while people from the EU and Schengen border areas are eligible to enter Greece despite current restrictions. 


According to the CAA announcement, all persons from the following eight countries will be excluded from the aviation directive: Australia, Britain, South Korea, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Russia and Israel. 


However, all travelers entering Greece from any country (including EU member states) must comply with the mandatory 7-day quarantine requirement to minimize the spread of the deadly virus in the country. 


All passengers from other states will be checked according to the “Passenger Locator” form procedure upon arrival. If anyone tests positive for the coronavirus pandemic, they must undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

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