Shackets: The latest spring fashion trend


The shacket is gaining popularity in the fashion industry as well, with the expectation that this hybrid item will be your seasonal savior.
Give your layering a new lease on life to become the stylish lady you were meant to be.

About the fact that a shacket is the most unflattering term for a piece of clothing, it will flatter every body type and height and is the ideal layering piece.

What exactly is a shacket?

A shacket is something between a blazer and a denim jacket, a bit more relaxed than one of our Rydale blazers and not quite as casual as a denim jacket.
Is it possible to call them smart-casual?
A shacket is an excellent substitute for a big, bulky jacket.
When it’s too hot to wear a sweater but too cold to wear a cardigan, the shacket is the ideal compromise.
They’re also a perfect cover-up if you’re self-conscious about your appearance. 

You may be wondering, what is a shacket.

It has the appearance of a shirt but layers like a sweater.

It’s thick enough to keep you warm, but not too thick as the temperatures start to crawl into the late sixties despite the fact that the forecast *clearly* indicated a high of 64 degrees the last time you checked.


It’s the ideal compromise between a shirt and a sweater.

And when draped over your wardrobe on a cold day, you’ve got yourself a next-level ensemble.

Consider a shacket as a wintertime alternative to jean jackets which, IMO, are better worn in the spring and summer.

They’re available in a range of textures, from corduroy to fleece, and are the best complement to any fall or winter ensemble.

There are so many shackets just waiting to elevate your favorite lewks, whether you exist in leggings this season or never take off your chicest jeans.

Scroll down to shop our favorites, and get ready to get comfortable as soon as possible.

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