Greece: Beaches ready for summer holidays with new rules


As it prepares for the return of tourists for summer vacations, Greece has implemented a variety of new rules on its beaches, including social separation for sunbathers and limitations on music at beach bars.

The country is now on the UK’s 172 amber list, which means that vacations are not yet possible, but there is optimism that it will be added to the green list later this summer.

Visitors who can demonstrate documentation of a negative Covid-19 PCR test done within 72 hours of flight or who are completely vaccinated against Covid-19 have already been allowed to return to Greece .

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Greece holidays will undoubtedly be a popular alternative for sun-starved UK visitors if it is included to the green list.

According to Lonely Planet, officials implemented new rules on its beaches for both visitors and residents in preparation for the return of tourists.

Beach umbrellas and sun loungers will be spaced at least 4 meters apart on the beach to provide for social separation, and will be cleaned on a regular basis. While swimming or sunbathing, sunbathers will not be obliged to wear a face mask.

Meanwhile, music will be restricted at beach bars, restaurants, and cafés to prevent people from raising their voices in order to be heard, which might contribute to additional particles being disseminated in the air.

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Employees at beach bars and resorts will be obliged to wear face masks and will be tested for Covid-19 on a regular basis.


In terms of face masks in general, they are now required in all public venues in Greece, both indoors and out. 

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Hotels and other tourist accommodations, as well as attractions such as museums, open-air areas, restaurants, and bars, have already reopened throughout Greece, all with social distancing measures in place.


It’s worth mentioning that from 12:30 a.m. until 5 a.m., there is a curfew in effect.

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