What is the EU Digital Covid Certificate?


People will be allowed to travel across European borders using a health passport starting July 1st, which will serve as verification of a person’s health condition.

Here’s the latest on how to travel Europe this summer, in light of the new official agreement between all EU countries.

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The Permanent Representatives Committee of the European Council received formal authorisation for the usage of EU Digital COVID Certificates on May 25. (the new and final name for what have been called in turn, vaccination passports, health passports and digital green certificates).


The EU Digital COVID Certificate will contain details on negative Covid-19 test results, as well as essential information such as the individual’s identity. It will also give documentation that a person has been vaccinated against Covid-19, recovered from Covid-19, and has been vaccinated against Covid-19. This data will be presented in the form of a QR code, which is uniform throughout the EU.


According to The Local, the EU has stated that it will be safe and secure, stating that “there will be no centralised database with everyone’s information.”


The certificates will be accepted in all EU member states, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland.

The EU quickly defended civil freedoms by clarifying that “it is not a prerequisite for enjoying free movement rights and it is not a travel passport.”

This is why it’s termed a certificate rather than a passport. It is obvious, however, that if everyone uses it, border control will be lot easier and faster. Cheap Airline Deals


While it is known as the EU Digital Covid Certificate, it may also be printed on paper. If tourists only have a paper copy of their immunization records or test results and don’t want or can’t transfer them to their phones, they can travel with them. 

If a tourist prefers to utilize an app rather of carrying a piece of paper, they should utilize a digital app made in their own nation. So, if they’re going to France, they could download the TousAntiCovid app and upload their Covid-19 test results or immunization certificates before leaving. When traveling in France, anyone having a QR code might theoretically submit it to the French app.

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