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Spain: New airlines routes for winter and summer

Ryanair has added extra flights to its weekly schedule as part of its Covid recovery effort.


The low cost carrier will provide six distinct routes from Spain to Morocco in September and October, thanks to the addition of two new weekly flights to Tangier and Tetouan.


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Two new weekly flights from Alicante to Tetouan will be added.


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Ryanair will introduce 21 new routes and over 2,000 weekly flights from Spanish airports to major European destinations such as Bordeaux, Arlanda, Stockholm, and Frankfurt this winter.


“We are happy to continue to drive recovery and development in Spain despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Jason McGuinness, director of commercial Ryanair. 


Our new winter Spanish routes to European locations like as Bratislava, Arlanda, and Stockholm beginning in 2021 are ideal for clients searching for a winter getaway. 


Customers who are aware that Covid limitations vary often may now book tickets for a well-deserved vacation, knowing that they can postpone or modify their trip dates up to two times with no exchange cost until the end of December 2021.”



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