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Cyprus: Entry restriction for travelers from Austria and Croatia


The Cypriot authorities have announced that unvaccinated and unrecovered travelers traveling from Austria and Croatia will be subject to double testing and quarantine requirements as of yesterday, September 13.


Due to an increase in COVID-19 infection cases reported recently, the two countries were shifted from the orange to the red category, prompting this conclusion.

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All unvaccinated and unrecovered visitors entering Cyprus from Austria, Croatia, or any other country on the island’s red list must undergo COVID-19 testing 72 hours before to departure and another test upon arrival. Until the results of the second test are known, travelers must remain self-isolated.

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Travelers from Austria, Croatia, and other red-listed countries who have been fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 disease with one of the vaccinations allowed as proof of immunity for admission into the territory of Cyprus, on the other hand, have been emphasized.


Those who have recovered from the sickness are likewise exempt from the quarantine and testing requirements.

In addition, the authorities reported that the orange list has undergone adjustments in this week’s update. Denmark and the United Arab Emirates have been moved from the red to the orange category based on data given by the Ministry of Interior.


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