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Italy: COVID-19 vaccine passport to be mandatory for all workers


According to sources, Premier Mario Draghi‘s cabinet is expected to ratify a decree on Thursday that would expand the scope of the Green Pass by making the COVID-19 vaccine passport mandatory for public and private sector workers in Italy starting in the middle of October.

The government has considered making the Green Pass mandatory for the public sector first, and then extending it to the private sector afterwards.

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Regional Affairs Minister Mariastella Gelmini, however, stated on Wednesday that the administration intends to make the Green Pass “obligatory not only for public employees but also for private sector employees.”


“The only way to prevent contagion is to immunize the vast majority of the people,” Gelmini continued.

“The government is prepared to move forward with the Green Pass, and we have charted a clear course.” The cabinet meeting tomorrow will undoubtedly be significant.”


On Wednesday, Draghi will meet with Italy’s major trade unions to discuss the problem.


Last week, the government was expected to expand the scope of the Green Pass, but there was a delay due to Matteo Salvini’s League’s misgivings and certain technical issues that needed to be resolved.


“There will undoubtedly be an extension of the usage of the Green Pass,” Labour Minister Andrea Orlando of the center-left Democratic Party (PD) said.

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The green certificate, which verifies that someone has been vaccinated against the coronavirus, has recovered from it, or has recently tested negative, is required for many activities in Italy, including international travel, travel on high-speed trains and domestic flights, attendance at certain events, and the ability to sit at a table inside bars and restaurants.


It is required for any adult entering a school, including parents, as well as all higher education employees and students.


According to Civil Service Minister Renato Brunetta, the Green Pass COVID-19 vaccine passport would eventually be required for all Italian workers.

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