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Portugal: High hopes for tourism season in Algarve


After a summer that many have agreed went as well as it could have for the industry, and in some cases, even better than planned, the Algarve‘s tourism boss has high expectations for the months ahead.


João Fernandes, speaking to the online publication I stated that the arrival of golfers during the region’s golf high season, which runs from September to November, might provide a much-needed boost to the region.

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“We have a lot of bookings from these markets that we certainly hope will come to fruition,” Fernandes added, noting how rapidly the paradigm can shift during a pandemic.

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“There are some intriguing signals for September, October, and November, but they are all dependent on the current context,” Fernandes added, emphasizing that things are looking positive. 


“We foresee significant demand for nature tourism, nautical tourism, and golf in September, October, and November,” said the tourism head, adding that while bookings may not match August levels, they will be “equally important.”

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The Algarve is also hoping that the UK school vacations in October would attract more British visitors, as well as the MotoGP event, which is set to take place at the Algarve International Racetrack (AIA) in Portimão in November.


As a result, there is a sense of confidence that tourism may finally be on the mend, and that this optimism spreads beyond the Algarve.



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