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Portugal: Madeira to relax many restrictions


The Madeiragovernment claims it will be able to announce fresh measures to ease the limits imposed by Covid-19 next week, according to the chief executive, who mentioned the end of the curfew and the reopening of clubs.

“The end of curfew can be taken for granted,” Miguel Albuquerque declared at the opening session of the Madeira Chemistry Center’s 8th Annual Meeting in Funchal.


“We believe we will be in a position to make a series of choices on Thursday,” Miguel Albuquerque stated, “with fresh steps to reduce restrictions as of Friday.” Enjoyed this post? Never miss out on future posts by following us.  


Commercial businesses in the Autonomous Region of Madeira are forced to close at 01:00, and a curfew is in effect between 02:00 and 05:00.


According to the most recent data from the Regional Health Directorate, the archipelago, which has a population of around 251,000 people, has 117 active Covid-19 cases, a total of 11,791 confirmed since the pandemic began, and 75 deaths.


Miguel Albuquerque described the Madeira Chemistry Center as one of the “most prestigious” in the country, operating in collaboration with a number of colleges and businesses.


“One of the cornerstones of Madeira’s development must be support for science and the qualification of our young people,” he stated, adding, “Our objective is to enhance assistance in the future years, in order to improve either research and inquiry or partnership with other international institutions.”

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