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Cyprus: Compulsory Covid PCR tests for arrivals

Travelers arriving in Cyprus by air or by sea, regardless of the country of departure, as of December 6, will be required to take a PCR test for Covid19 upon arrival.

The announcement was made on Thursday by Cypriot Transport Minister Yannis Karousos as part of measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic and protect the health system from a surge in hospitalized Covid19 patients.


In addition, Karousos stressed the need to implement temporary measures at the country’s legal entry points, due to the discovery of the new Omicron variant in African and European countries.

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This measure concerns all passengers 12 years of age and older, whether they have a certificate of full vaccination or have recovered from Covid19.

The cost of PCR testing will be borne by the passenger.


It is stipulated that passengers entering the Republic from ports on a short visit must have a certificate of negative PCR test valid within 72 hours. In addition, upon arrival, they will be required to undergo rapid antigen testing, at the expense of the Republic of Cyprus. Enjoyed this post? Never miss out on future posts by following us.

The Decision will enter into force on December 6 and will remain in effect until January 10, when it will be re-evaluated on the basis of available epidemiological data.

For better surveillance and early detection of imported positive cases, PCR testing has begun and will continue until December 6 through random screening of passengers, regardless of country of origin. them, entering the Republic of Cyprus through the airports of Larnaca and Pafos.

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