Poland: British nationals must apply for residency

The Polish Foreign Ministry has warned British nationals living in Poland that they must apply for a residence permit until December 31, 2021 in order to continue to reside legally in the country.

In addition, the authorities urge UK citizens and their family members to take advantage of the residence permit exchange scheme by applying for their residence permit, as the application procedures are simplified through Withdrawal Agreement.

“Until the end of this year, the beneficiaries of the withdrawal agreement can submit a request to exchange these documents to the operating offices. The procedure in these cases is simplified. Therefore, the Immigration Office recommends submitting your application as soon as possible,” the office noted.


UK citizens who do not yet have a residence permit will need to apply for a stay. Conversely, family members of UK citizens without UK citizenship must apply for a residence permit. To date, 3,700 people have applied for a residence permit through the simplified program. Candidates who apply before December 31, 2021 will receive a certificate of application valid for 12 months, used as a temporary residence permit. Enjoyed this post? Never miss out on future posts by following us.

An application for a new residence permit, residence registration or residence card must be submitted directly to the Polish office responsible for the place of residence. Forms specifically for the beneficiaries of the Instance Contract are provided, the procedure in these cases is free of charge.


A declarative system is used to issue the above-mentioned documents. Although UK citizens do not need to obtain them to continue staying in Poland. 

However, the Immigration Office recommends that all beneficiaries of the withdrawal agreement apply for a new residence permit. Such a document will facilitate the exercise of their rights when crossing the border and during their stay on Polish territory.

In addition, permit holders issued before the end of 2020 who have not applied for a residence permit before December 31, 2021 will have to apply for one, but the application will not be simplified. as per the Withdrawal Agreement.

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