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Portugal: No compulsory Covid vaccination planned

President Marcelohopes not to comment on the “hot topic” of compulsory vaccination against Covid 19, as he answered “not on the agenda for the time being” by calling on citizens to vaccinate.

This does not mean that Portugal will not obey Europe if the Member States actually choose to be vaccinated. Enjoyed this post? Never miss out on future posts by following us.

His words to today’s reporters were: ”We will continue to provide voluntary and mass vaccinations. It is better to prevent than to rescue. As we move forward, we expect other countries to take longer to discuss. “


Pushed to know if he could rule out the possibility of mandatory vaccination against Covid, the Head of State stated: “I will not comment on this as it is not the current topic. The point is that vaccination, even if it is not mandatory, will have an effect…”

In other words, Portugal is likely to follow Europe on all decisions on mandatory vaccinations for Covid19.

Greece has announced that it will impose a monthly €100 fine for anyone over 60 who refuses the vaccine from mid-January; Germany is moving towards banning unvaccinated citizens from shops, restaurants, museums and cinemas, while Austria introduced mandatory vaccinations from February, considering fines of up to €7,200 for anyone who violates this order.

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