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Top Night Activities in Marseille: Best Things to Do After Dark

Marseille is a vibrant city that truly comes to life at night. Here’s a possible itinerary for exploring Marseille by night:


Start your night by heading to the Old Port, a historic and picturesque area that is the heart of Marseille. Here, you’ll find plenty of restaurants, bars, and cafes to choose from, as well as street performers and live music.

Take a stroll along the harbor and watch the boats come and go. The waterfront is beautifully lit up at night, making it a great place for a romantic walk or a fun night out with friends.


For dinner, head to the Le Panier neighborhood, which is one of the oldest and most charming areas of Marseille. This area is known for its narrow streets, colorful buildings, and fantastic food. There are plenty of great restaurants to choose from, ranging from traditional French cuisine to international fusion.


After dinner, head to the Cours Julien neighbourhood, which is a trendy and bohemian area that is popular with young people. Here, you’ll find plenty of bars, clubs, and live music venues to choose from, as well as street art and graffiti.

Another popular nightlife spot in Marseille is the La Plaine neighborhood, which is known for its diverse crowd and lively atmosphere. Here, you’ll find plenty of bars, restaurants, and cafes to choose from, as well as street performers and live music.

For a more relaxed atmosphere, head to the Vallon des Auffes neighborhood, which is a charming fishing village that feels like a world away from the bustling city center. Here, you’ll find plenty of restaurants and bars with outdoor seating that offer stunning views of the sea.

Late night:

Finish off your night with a stroll along the Corniche, a scenic road that follows the coastline and offers stunning views of the city at night. The Corniche is particularly beautiful at night, when the city lights reflect off the sea and create a magical atmosphere.

Of course, this is just one possible itinerary, and there are many other places to explore by night in Marseille. But hopefully, this gives you a good starting point for planning your own nighttime tour of the city. Enjoy your evening in Marseille!

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