Netherlands relaxes travel restrictions to 8 countries


The Dutch Ministryof Foreign Affairs said on Thursday that travel recommendations for a number of European nations and areas will be reduced or withdrawn entirely. Warnings for Iceland, Poland, and Romania will be canceled, and the advisory level will be reduced from cautious yellow to green, meaning that there is no reason to be concerned.


Cyprus, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland are among the countries whose travel advisories have been downgraded from code orange to yellow. In addition, all of Croatia, with the exception of the northern Sjeverna Hrvatska area and the Greek South Aegean islands, will be turned yellow. View

The Netherlands has approved citizens’ travel to 20 countries following the latest update.


“Holiday travels are no longer discouraged as a result of the change in the travel recommendation to ‘yellow.’ Travelers do not need to demonstrate a negative test or be quarantined when they return to the Netherlands “as indicated by the ministry


Travelers from the Netherlands are advised to verify the entrance requirements of their desired destination to ensure that they are permitted to go. Additionally, the government emphasizes the need of visitors planning ahead of time and being informed of changes throughout their stay and upon return.


Travelers returning from Portugal and the Spanish islands should undergo a Covid-19 test as a precaution, the public health service RIVM said on Tuesday. Even though they are not exhibiting signs of the disease, a large number of Dutch graduates who celebrated their graduation in those locations have been invited to get tested.


On the basis of RIVM’s recommendation and after consultation with the Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs decides on travel advice for European nations.



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