Corsica: Five beaches shut down for pollution


On the French Mediterranean island of Corsica, five beaches have been blocked, and an inquiry is underway as heavy oil residue continues to pollute the island’s south-eastern shore.


Following a municipal ordinance from the town council, beaches in the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio, which draw thousands of tourists every summer, were blocked off Tuesday as a precaution.

After little, black oil pellets washed up on the beach on Monday, many beaches in southern Corsica were evacuated.

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“We are awaiting the results of both the water and oil analyses. Then we’ll see if we can have the beach and swimming restriction lifted “The local prefecture made the announcement.


Locals were outraged and irritated, according to BFMTV, since the beaches were destroyed at the start of the vacation season.

Authorities believe the contamination was caused by a ship unlawfully “degassing” or emptying its fuel-waste tanks, which resulted in many oil slicks stretching more than 35 kilometers.


Since Saturday, emergency air, sea, and land workers have been battling to keep the poisonous slicks from reaching the shoreline.

Over the weekend, many tons of oil were retrieved, with the greatest oil slick moving away from Corsica. The majority of the oil had been retrieved by Tuesday, according to BFM.

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“However, we are unable to say how much remains and what will happen on the shoreline,” said Captain Christine Ribbe, a Mediterranean Maritime Prefecture spokesman.


The French government has stated that anyone guilty would be apprehended and prosecuted.

Three ships that were passing through the polluted zone are being investigated.

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