Netherlands lifts travel ban For American travelers


Beginning June 24, all travelers from the United States, Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Taiwan, including tourists, will be able to travel freely to the Netherlands.



Following a proposal from the EU Council, the Dutch government has decided to add these nations to the EU’s list of epidemiologically safe third-country citizens who should be allowed to travel to EU countries for non-essential activities.

“You may travel to the Netherlands if you reside in a secure nation. You are exempt from the EU travel prohibition. It makes no difference what your nationality is or what your trip’s aim is. High-risk regions are nations that are not on the list of safe countries, according to the Dutch government.


“If you are traveling to the Netherlands from a place where the danger of getting COVID-19 is minimal (a safe nation), you do not need to produce a negative test result. When you come in the Netherlands, you are also not obligated to self-quarantine,” the ministry confirmed.


Those arriving by plane, however, will be need to fill out a health declaration, which some airlines allow to be completed online at the time of check-in.

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