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France: Corsica Sailing Vacation!


You dont have to ride a big ship in order to enjoy the ocean. This is because there are yachts that you can rent in order to enjoy a sailing vacation in the south of France like in Corsica.

Corsica is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea just south of France and west of Italy. If you want to get a bargain coming here, it is best to book your sailing vacation during the lean months of June and September.


When you lease a yacht, you have the option of sailing into one of its many ports. These are located in the Corsican Cape, the east coast, the Gulf of Valinco, the Gulf of Ajaccio and the Region of Calvi.

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Majority of these are open during the winter but two of these namely Cargese and Sagone are small harbors open all year round as well as Bastia being a big harbor.


There are different sizes of boats to choose from should you decide to go a sailing vacation in Corsica. The smallest can accommodate 4 to 6 passengers while the largest could hold 8 to 12.


The price per boat is on a weekly basis and if you know how to sail, you can rent one at a cheapest price. For those who dont want to do anything, they can also get one that has a skipper and also a hostess or cook.


The price you pay normally includes the insurance deposit, gas, water, meals, outboard motor, inventory, end cleaning, local taxes, ports, linen and towels. You will have to buy your own drinks before coming aboard or buy it while you are on board.


One of the things you will enjoy in your Corsican sailing vacation is the weather. You will enjoy the climate both on land and at sea. Along its coast, there are many beaches to choose from so you can just drop anchor and swim for shore.


A good example is the Gulf of Sagone that is known for its sandy beaches that extend all the way up to Capo di Feno and Punti di Cargese. If you want to move deeper inland, you can sail to the Gulf of Liscia where you can visit the ruins of Castellu di Capraia or the 17th century watchtowers of Genoa.



The island also produces its own wine so you can visit the vineyard near the town of Cinarca. For those who want to interact with the locals, they can visit the towns of Calcataggio and Sari d’Orcino.


For those that want to do some extreme sports, you can climb some rugged mountains like those near the Scandola Reserve, Piana calanques, and the Ascent of the Capo of Orto.


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You can also scuba dive and explore an underwater cave located in the Grotta di Nereo. While you are there, dont forget to check out other interesting sites like Dei Portici, Grotte di Punta Salinetto, and Grotta Belvedere.

So on your next trip, see what a Corsica sailing vacation has to offer. You can get information about it online to see what inclusive in the package or get some information from your travel agent. Not only do you get to sail around this island but also get to see the sites when you decide to travel inland.


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